2 in 1 Audio Cassette to MP3 Music converter

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2 in 1 Audio Cassette to MP3 converter.  

Save your old recorded cassette by converting them to MP3 on your computer. The Cassette player has a special attachment that plugs into your Laptop or desktop USB port and as you play and listen  it converts it to MP3.  

Once the audio is converted you may then transfer that to your phone or tablet for listening and sharing anytime.   The old Audio Cassette fade out over time if not converted to a digital format it may be lost forever.   

This gadget will save your fav recordings and your music from the yesteryears. A perfect give for those old school people who can still keep their old technology and embrace the new.

Comes complete with Cassette Player, USB cable, Headphones and a software that will install on your PC or Mac. 

Cool Autoreverse feature so you will get a non stop recording from A and B side of the Cassette in a single file.

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